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AMD (age related Macular Degeneration) affects as many as 11 million people in the US. Retinal specialists at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London used stem cells to grow new retinal tissue in two patients with neovascular or “wet” AMD. An exciting advancement, I’m sure more to come. Read more from

Eye lash extensions are fun, but can be dangerous! This patient had pieces of lash extensions embedded in her eye. They were so painful it was necessary to remove them surgically. Read more about the procedure.

Sunburned corneas? Yes, it does happen, and can be caused by very bright lights, not necessarily just sun exposure, as this actress found out. Read about Buys Philopps Sunburned Eyes and about Snow Blindness.

Remember, the best way to keep your eyes healthy is with regular eye exams. Call today to schedule an exam!

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