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An innovative new prescription eye drop is here VUITY™ is the first and only FDA-approved eye drop to treat age-related Blurry Near Vision (presbyopia) in adults.

Can an eye drop really replace my reading glasses?

In short, yes! A new drop, Vuity, was recently approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Vuity has been called the eye drops for reading. You’ll have to try them to see what you think. It does have some limitations.

So who can use Vuity Eye Drops?

It is meant for those of us aged 40-55. In older folks, it may not work as well. This person should already be able to see far away without glasses and only be relying on reading glasses for near work. It may not eliminate the need for any near correction either. Tiny print, or certain lighting conditions, may require you to still reach for those cheaters.

How long does Vuity last?

It has been shown to be effective for around 6-10 hours, starting in as little as 15 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

Of course! Mainly red eyes and headaches are noted. Also, it may make night driving difficult as well as adjusting focus from near and far.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Vuity?

Those who have retinal degenerative changes or other retinal disorders, aphakia (no lens), prior cataract extraction, or a history of severe myopia or retinal detachment.

How does Vuity work?

It works by reducing the size of your pupil and therefore increasing your depth of focus.

How much does Vuity cost and how can I get it?

It costs around $80/month and it needs a prescription. If interested, ask your eye doctor if you’re a good candidate. To schedule an appointment, call 218.720.3553. Learn more about eye drops.

Vuity is available now at Refl EyeCare. Call us to schedule your appointment to get Vuity.

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