Specialty Eyewear

Specialty Eyewear includes Prescription Sunglasses, Swimming Goggles, Sports Glasses & More

Specialty eyewear can play a special role in your active lifestyle, whether it’s skiing the Birke or strolling the Lakewalk. Relf Optical carries a number of product lines specifically designed to protect your eyes from the elements – wind, sand, snow, or ice. Stop by and let us help you find the solution to your active outdoor eyewear problems.

  • Prescription Sunglasses include Ray-Ban & Serengeti.
  • Sportswear including Bolle, Rec specs, Switch, and Panoptics.
  • Prescription Goggles for swimming
  • Dry Eye protection including Tranquileyes and Cocoons.
  • Kid’s frames including a full line of prescription sports glasses with shatter resistant frames and lenses that are safe for the soccer field!
  • High definition digital lenses add an element of precision and crispness to vision previously unseen in spectacle correction.
  • Day and night driving glasses with prescription and anti-glare coating to improve driving comfort.
  • Computer glasses that are anti-glare with blue light blocking features available-specially made for watching TV and other screens