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November is over and winter has found us…  There have been some interesting eye news tidbits we’d like to share.

Retinal Tears

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer experienced a retinal tear most likely during the Vikings/Bears game at the end of October.  He wasn’t even playing. This goes to show retinal tears can happen to anyone!

Mike Zimmer’s “minor medical procedure” was to fix an eye problem

Zimmer to miss ‘TNF’ after emergency eye surgery

Could I Have A Retinal Tear? By Dr. Kayla Bechthold

Lazy eye

Did you ever have to wear a patch to strengthen a “lazy eye?”  Amblyopia is the eye term for lazy eye.  Amblyopia occurs when the prescription difference between the two eyes is so great the brain chooses only one eye to see with.  The other becomes amblyopic, or “lazy.”  Patching has been the standard of care for amblyopia treatment for many years.  With the advent of smart phones and ipad aps, there is a whole new world opening for amblyopia treatment.  All with a few $0.99 aps!  This is exciting news for all those pirates out there!

iPad game may effectively treat lazy eye in kids: Study

Multi-dose Restasis

Love your Restasis but HATE all the little vials?  It’s finally here!  Multi-dose Restasis is FDA approved and will be on your pharmacy shelves soon.

FDA Approves Allergan Restasis Multidose for Chronic Dry Eye

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