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The last couple of months have been exciting in eye news! The FDA has approved an eye drop and an eye procedure that we have been waiting several years for.

First, Xiidra (lifitegrast) eyedrops were approved by the FDA on July 13. This adds a valuable tool to treat dry eye. Dry eye affects between 5-15% of the population, but in our local climate, we believe those numbers are higher.

Dry eye is treatable, not necessarily curable. Our eye doctors will be determining the best patient candidates for Xiidra and are excited to see how it works!

Top Causes of Eye Problems

FDA approves new medication for dry eye disease

Second, corneal cross-linking is a procedure that has been used for decades in Europe to treat keratoconus and post-Lasik ectasia (thinning of the cornea). The Avedro system is the first corneal cross-linking treatment approved in the United States.

Keratoconus and post-LASIK ectasia are both conditions where the cornea is thinned, sometimes requiring a corneal transplant. Corneal cross-linking uses liquid Vitamin B2 on the cornea then exposes the cornea to UV light for a set period of time. This process stiffens the corneal tissue, and significantly decreases the need for corneal transplant.

We offer LASIK surgery at our office in Hermantown. Want to know more? Go ahead and call us about the insurance, schedule an appointment, or learn about the costs of LASIK.

FDA approves first corneal cross-linking system for treatment

Keratoconus Diagnosis Treatment

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