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The biggest news for us at Relf EyeCare is the new electronic health record system implemented on September 25.  I’m very proud of our team.  We have all become much more technologically literate.   But, in other eye news…

A Tear Jerker

The newest advancement in dry eye syndrome treatment is called True Tear.  True Tear is not an eye drop.   Rather, True Tear is a hand held stimulator that is inserted into the nose each day.  It stimulates the nerves in the nose to produce tears (much like when the eyes tear while cutting an onion).  It is a rather strange concept to consider electrocuting yourself to tear.  However, the patients who were involved in the study loved their devices and would not give them back.

Say “No” to Eye Tattoos

Tattoo the eyeball?  Not a good idea.  Not surprising that it’s not a good idea.  This is a harrowing tale about a model whose scleral tattoo ended up causing significant pain and loss of vision.

Contact Lenses

The ability to record video and check google from a contact lens is getting closer to reality. Check out this video.

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