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Halloween Costume Contacts

October’s biggest news item in the eye world is the annual warning about counterfeit costume contact lenses.  We’ve done a few different blog articles on this topic, but it is  always important to remember contact lenses are a medical device that need to be fit by an eye care provider and dispensed by a reputable source. Here is an article about Counterfeit Lenses and another from the BBC about Novelty lenses causing sight loss.’

Cataract Surgery

A study in Jama Ophthalmology found a 60 % lower mortality rate in women over age 65 after cataract surgery.  If you’ve been putting off a cataract procedure it’s time to call us today! Read more about the surgery.

Have migraines? Tinted Contact Lenses and Glasses Might do the Trick!

Finally, this is an interesting article about tinting glasses and contact lenses to avoid migraines.  We’ll be watching for more news on this procedure. 

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