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It’s time for the monthly news round up! This month includes good news/ bad news for those with Age Related Macular Degeneration and those concerned about getting it, and another reason to stay physically fit.

Less AMD for baby boomers?

Looks like it.. a study in JAMA ophthalmology shows risk for developing AMD is decreasing with each generation. Read the full article.

AMD Injections

While the news for baby boomers is better, the news for those who already have geographic atrophy from AMD isn’t. A promising new injection to treat dry AMD was shown to be ineffective. Back to the drawing board. Read the Jama Network update.

Glaucoma and Running

Go for a run to decrease Glaucoma risk? A new study by The University of California showed a 73% decreased risk of glaucoma among the most physically active study participants. Read the new study details for yourself.

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