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It’s summer time, things get done a little more slowly.  So here is your better late than never July 2017 News Roundup!

New Dry Eye Treatment

This new dry eye treatment will make your eyes water… literally.  Allergan has recently gained approval for a new device, TrueTear. This device uses electrodes to stimulate the eyes to tear.  The drawback-it goes up the nose. Read the AAO’s article.

Eyeball Tattoo – Don’t Do It

In case you were in the market for an eyeball tattoo, they are even more dangerous than previously thought.  Moral of the story—don’t do it. Read about these tattoos.

Detergent Packages Eye Injuries

Although convenient, detergent packets are responsible for a lot of trips to the ER, and one of the reasons is due to eye injuries.  It may be time to go back to actually pouring the detergent. Learn about these injuries.

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