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It’s time for January’s News Roundup!

Eardrum Move with Your Eyes

A study at Duke University found that when the eyes move, the eardrums move too- even in the absence of any sound. It may give some insight to the relationship of what we see to what we hear. Read, When the eyes move, the eardrums move, too.  The eyes and ears team up to interpret the sights and sounds around us.

Contagious Yawns

Do you yawn when you see someone else yawn? Initially it was thought to be an empathetic response. Now, researchers at Tohoku University feel it has more to do with a person’s ability to perceive that someone is yawning. Are you yawning yet? Read, Contagious yawning more closely associated with perceptual sensitivity than empathy.

How to Prevent Scar Tissue in the Eye

A study at the University of Helsinki found that statins helped to prevent scarring after retinal detachment surgery. Good news for those who need it. Read, Statins to help prevent scar tissue in the eye?

Yes. Laser Pointers Damage Your Eyes.

We have seen retinal injuries from laser pointers at our office. It’s usually young people and so sad. Retinal injury caused by laser pointers

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