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Rounding up 2017 is December’s addition of Relf EyeCare’s Eye News. An eye drop Dr. Bechthold has been waiting for will be on the market any day now!

Brimonidine Eye Drop to Stop Eye Redness

Lumify, Bausch and Lomb’s new dilute Brimonidine eye drop to stop eye redness, was FDA approved on December 22. Keep checking the blog or Facebook page for more information on where it will be available. Read more about the new Brimonidine drops.

Looking and the Sun Can Cause Retinal Damage

We are still seeing articles about the eclipse, this one features a story about a patient who has retinal damage in the shape of the eclipse! Get the full story.

New Eye Gel Seals Eye Injuries

USC scientists invented a temperature sensitive eye gel that can seal eye injuries on the battlefield. Read the full article.

We at Relf wish you all a Happy New Year! See you in January for more Eye News!


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