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Jumping right into your Eye News – May 2017.

Eye Exams and Health Vision Month

May is Healthy Vision Month, a great time to think about how important eye health is.  This article in the Chicago Tribune discusses the increase in blindness and visual impairment in the USA, primarily due to lack of dilated eye exams.  With the growing interest in on-line “eye exams” it’s a great reminder that there is no substitute for a regular eye exam!

Eye Surgeries

Mike Zimmer’s eyes are in the news again.  Eye surgery is tricky, and sometimes more than one surgery is needed to preserve sight.

Check for Ticks to Protect Your Eyes?

Mice a predictor of Lyme’s?  Unfortunately, yes.  Ticks love mice, and as many as 50-100 ticks can be carried on their ears alone.  Lyme’s can affect the eyes also, and can cause eye issues for several years after the initial infection.  So important to check for ticks!

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