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Swimming into your Relf EyeCare’s Eye News – March 2017.

Visa Sunglasses

No purse, no wallet, no problem!  Visa is coming out with sunglasses that contain your credit card information in the temple.  It will make purchases easy, but losing your favorite pair of sunglasses exponentially worse.

Visa’s new contactless payment card is a pair of sunglasses

Could Your Statin Medication Prevent Eye Disease?

Maybe.  A study in JAMA Ophthalmology suggests that taking a statin could lower the risk of developing Primary Open Angle Glaucoma by as much as 21%.  More studies are in the works.

Association of Daily Dosage and Type of Statin Agent With Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma

Virtual Eye Exams

CNN has a new article discussing virtual eye exams.  They uncovered that an online glasses prescription wasn’t as accurate as an in person refraction.  We here at Relf EyeCare were not surprised…

The doctor will “see” you now: Onlive vs in-person vision tests

Zebra Fish Regeneration Study

Zebra fish are cool.  They are able to regrow tissue, including fins, skin, heart—and retinas?  So far the results are promising!  Researchers are hoping to start experimenting on reversing retinal degenerations soon (including retinitis pigmentosa).

Zebrafish may hold the key to reversing retinal disease

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