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An exciting advancement was made in the treatment of Nystagmus.  Nystagmus is an eye condition where the eyes move involuntarily.  Magnets were placed inside the orbit (eye socket) of several patients and were successful in stopping the Nystagmus, but not affecting the normal, voluntary eye movements.  Cool.

Magnets used to control flickering eyes 

Magnetic implants used to treat ‘dancing eyes’ 

Pink Eye/Conjunctivitis

Results from an interesting new study on the dreaded “pink eye” shows we may be prescribing too many antibiotic drops.  The study by the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center showed that about 60% of patients nationwide were prescribed antibiotic eye drops that were not necessary.  Most pink eye is self-limiting, and preservative-free artificial tears and warm compresses often work better than a prescription.

Nearly 60% of pinkeye patients receive antibiotic eye drops, but they’re seldom necessary 

Fireworks Eye Injury

With Independence Day fast approaching, a great reminder on eye safety and fireworks.  The first link is a woman’s personal journey after eye injuries due to fireworks.  The second shows what actually happens to the eye when a firecracker explodes in it.  Not pretty.  Be careful out there.

Woman who lost eye: Beware the dangers of fireworks

This Is What Happens When a Firecracker Explodes in Your Eye

Tamarin Monkey Cataract Surgery

And finally, a couple of months ago we showed you an elephant undergoing cataract surgery.  At the other end of the spectrum, there is now video of a tiny Tamarin monkey having cataract surgery too.

Tiny tamarin monkey undergoes cataract surgery

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