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A strikingly blue eye looks directly into the camera. Deep blues and aquas like the ocean and flecks of yellow are visible.

Under Eye Circles

A new product is in the works from Allergan to reduce the appearance of under eye circles.  Allergan was the company that was kind enough to bring us Botox.  The cream, called “XAF 5” is to be applied once per day and a noticeable difference has been shown in studies within 5 weeks.  They are hoping it will be approved in early 2018. Read more about Allergan Bringing New Lip Filler to Under Eye Treatment.

Basketball a Leading Sport in Eye Injury

Basketball is one of the leading sports causing eye injury.  Injuries usually occur due to a finger poke or elbow to the eye, rarely do the eyes actually FALL OUT– although it happened to the poor guy playing for the New Zealand Breakers.  A good idea to invest in sports goggles if basketball is your game.


A gene for myopia?  A new study shows that certain people with this gene have a propensity to become nearsighted, especially if they do not spend enough time outdoors.

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