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It’s time for April’s Eye News!  This first article had our staff glued to the computer monitors watching an elephant have much-needed cataract surgery.  It seemed that giving him the proper amount of anesthetic was more tricky than the actual cataract extraction.

In a study done by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, it was found that patients who had LASIK had significantly fewer incidences of corneal infections than contact lens wearers.  Initially, it was thought that contact lens wear was safer than any surgical procedures on the cornea. Learn about the cost of LASIK.

The Journal of Physiology recently published a study about using eye drops as a cure for jet lag.  They found a group of cells in the retina that send signals about light to the brain.  They release a molecule called vasopressin that helps to regulate the biological clock.  They believe they can regulate vasopressin output via eye drops, which would change the biological clock to get rid of jet lag.  Cool.

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