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It’s the end of the month, time for Eye News!  We have seen some pretty exciting changes in eye care over 2016.


A new prescription dry eye drop, Xiidra, was FDA approved and we have had great success with it in our practice.


A new IOL was also FDA approved, and our surgeons have been raving about the new Symfony lens.


December’s news includes a study regarding treatment to delay reading glasses. The procedure involves using electrostimulation to the muscle inside the eye responsible for focusing. So far the study is only in Italy, but we will keep you posted.


A research study presented at the AAO meeting in Chicago showed that eating a Mediterranean diet decreased occurrence of AMD. The best part– the diet included coffee!


Patients who have had LASIK are some of the most satisfied with their vision. Researchers with the PROWL study (Patient Reported Outcomes With Lasik) have developed a new survey for before and after the procedure to more accurately determine patient expectations and feelings about the outcome. Globally LASIK satisfaction rate is at 98%. Learn about the cost of LASIK.


Stay tuned in 2017 for more of Relf EyeCare’s Eye News!

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