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Our Relf EyeCare scribes are an integral part of our practice, and work closely with the ophthalmologists to provide excellent care to our patients.  The scribes make things run smoothly, and here are some insights from our scribes to make your appointment be the best it can be!


  • Bring a list of medications/supplements/eye drops you take to your appointment.
  • Write down your eye questions and bring with you to your appointment (there are no “dumb” questions!)
  • Bring all glasses and/or contact lenses you wear to your appointment.


  • Family members can join you in the eye exam room if that would make you more comfortable.
  • We have wheelchair accommodating exam rooms. Please mention your need for one when making your appointment.
  • It is very important to keep any post-operative appointments!!  If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule it.


  • Having your eyes dilated for an exam can last from a few hours to the following morning. You should be able to drive after eyes have been dilated, but having a driver might be nice. Also, bring your sunglasses for the drive home (we do have wrap-around ones if you forget), since things will look very bright!
  • Schedule your next appointment on the way out for best date selection. You can always call us to reschedule it if needed.

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