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eyenigmaNovember is here! The weather grows colder, facial hair becomes more prevalent as beards and mustaches emerge for Movember! We are all recovering from our Halloween candy comas! Time to introduce Relf Optical’s Frame of the Month, EYENIGMA!

Canadian designer Stephen Kapoor started Eyenigma Eyewear in 2007 after over 15 years of experience as an optician and has prospered with his unique and symbolically designed eyewear. Eyenigma is a fairly new company, but they continue to grow and hope to be an internationally known collection soon!

Eyenigma Eyewear specializes in abstract designs individually inspired by the many wonders and mysteries of the world, including frames inspired by forces of nature, animals, environments, landmarks, gods and myths just to name a few. They are bold, colorful, expressive, sexy and, most of all, they are art.

The materials used to create these frames are lightweight, durable titanium and high-quality stainless steel. For superb protection these works of art are double-coated to prevent scratches and chipping.

Stop in today and receive 30% off your pair before they are gone!

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