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Scheduling cataract surgery seems like a daunting task.  However, the surgery schedulers at Relf EyeCare Specialists have you covered.  Headed by Vicki, our staff will make sure you feel confident with your surgery experience.  A folder is given for each eye surgery, with very specific instructions and check off lists for eye drops.

Do I have to set up a pre-op visit with my primary care doctor?  What about post-op eye visits?

No. Our surgery scheduling staff sets up the pre-op physical visit with your primary care doctor, and sets up all post-op appointments at our office.  All appointments are written in your cataract surgery folder.

Do I need a driver?

Yes. You will need a driver for the day of surgery, as mild anesthesia is given.  Pre-op and post-op visits usually do not require a driver if you feel comfortable driving.

When do I take my eye drops?  Will they last the whole time?

Eye drops are started 2 days prior to surgery and most commonly are taken for 4 weeks after surgery.  Most times you will have plenty of eye drops, but if you run out simply call and we can refill.

What do I do if it’s after hours and I have a question or concern?

Contact Us with questions.  There are always eye doctors on call to answer any questions, and if there is a problem you will be seen right away.

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