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Your May 2018 News Roundup is all about contact lenses. From laser beam contacts to correcting color blindness, contacts lenses have been in the news.

Laser Beam Contact Lenses

Laser beam contact lenses are no longer the stuff of science fiction. Researchers in England have found a way to embed laser capabilities into a contact lens. No, it can’t cut through metal, but it can act as a security device when activated by another laser. Read more on Science Alert.

Glasses to Correct Color Deficiency

We have seen great success with glasses to correct color deficiency. In England, they have designed a contact lens with special filters to improve color perception. They’ve been busy over there, hopefully available in the US soon. Read more from the Birmingham researchers.

Bausch and Lomb Have Released Lumify

Finally, the day all those who struggle with red eyes have been waiting for! Bausch and Lomb have finally released Lumify, the new redness relief drop that is completely safe! Visene or “get the red out” medications can cause rebound conjunctivitis and pupil dilation. This new drop is a dilute brimonidine, a type of Glaucoma drop. It reduces redness as well or better than the older drops, without the side effects. Read more at

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