For many years the primary treatment for glaucoma has been prescription eye drops or laser procedures to lower intraocular pressure (IOP).  These treatments are often inconvenient, expensive, and not fully effective.  More invasive surgical procedures to lower IOP were reserved for cases of severe glaucoma.  Now there is another option. Consider iStent implantation for the management of your glaucoma.  IStent is a tiny medical implant which offers decreased dependence on prescription eye drops and more stable pressures over time.

As we age, the drainage system of the eye may become impaired.  IStent creates a permanent opening through the blockage to improve the drainage of fluid from the eye, lowering IOP and improving glaucoma control.

IStent is implanted during routine cataract surgery and begins working right away to manage eye pressure.  It adds very little risk to routine cataract surgery.  Most people are able to reduce or even eliminate glaucoma medications after iStent implantation.  The decision to alter eye drop therapy is a complex one and should be made with careful consideration of your unique glaucoma history and discussion with your eye doctor.

If you have cataracts and glaucoma consider iStent implantation at the time of your cataract surgery. Click here to learn more about iStent.

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