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May is Healthy Vision Month! This covers many areas including a general eye exam. Even if you do not have any eye issues going on, it’s important to have a comprehensive eye exam from time to time. If you are young and healthy, we may recommend an exam every couple years.

Healthy eyes and vision start with a good history, entrance testing including color vision and depth perception, a refraction to test for glasses, and a dilated retinal exam.

Eye exams can sometimes prevent future eye issues like amblyopia or “lazy eye”, eye strain, glaucoma, or even inflammation due to autoimmune disorders.

Healthy vision can start at a young age. If your child has any issues such as an eye turn or favoring one eye over the other, eye exams can start at 6 months! Children should have a full eye exam before starting kindergarten.

As we age, cataracts will eventually develop. Eye exams will monitor the progression and your doctor will help determine the right time for surgery.

If it has been a while since your last exam, call your Relf Eyecare to schedule your eye exam. Your eye health is important!

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