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This week is all about the nuts and bolts of our eye clinic’s operation! Think of it as a quick reference guide for some of the frequently asked questions we receive!

Eye clinic’s Turnaround times: 

Our turnaround time to get a pair of glasses is typically 3-5 business days, and we make every effort to ensure this time frame is met! If you need them sooner, we can check with our lab to see if your order can be expedited.

Optical Lab:

We currently use the local optical lab, Walman Optical, and they are fantastic! Not only are they located in Duluth, they are easy to work with and so friendly!

Using Your Own Frame: 

You are always welcome to use your frame for your order! Our Opticians will inspect your frame to certify that it is in good working condition and there won’t be any noticeable issues before sending it to our lab for processing.

You have 2 options when you opt to use your own frame.

  • Option 1– leave the frame with us and we will send it to the lab for processing. Typical turnaround time is 3-5 business days.
  • Option 2– We will order lenses for your frame. Once the lab receives the lenses they will let us know that they are ready for your frame and we will reach out to you. You will then need to drop off your frame on the morning of your choosing before 10:00AM to be sent to the lab. They will cut & edge the lenses into your frame and return to us for pickup in the afternoon.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE– If your frame is not from us or if it is over 2 years old, please note that you are adding new lenses at your own risk! If anything happens to your frame, we would be unable to order parts for it and you’d have to start from scratch.

Warranty on frames:

Frame manufacturers typically offer a 1 year warranty on manufacture defects. If the paint starts to chip off or if the spring hinge breaks it would be considered a manufacture defect.

If you run over your glasses with your car, try water skiing with your glasses on and they break, or decide to wear your glasses in the sauna and they peel, they would not be under warranty.

Warranty on lenses:

Lenses offer a similar warranty to frames. Most lenses are warranted for one year also. There are some stipulations to this warranty.  If your lenses are scratched and your fingernail does not catch on the scratch, they can be replaced under warranty. If your fingernail catches on the scratch, it would not be covered under warranty. Each circumstance is unique. If you’ve scratched your lenses, your best option would be to stop by the shop and let us take a look to determine if they can be covered under the warranty. If you’ve purchased the Crizal Anti-Reflective coating for your lenses you are allowed two remakes of scratched lenses within two years. Again, your best option would be to stop by the shop and let us take a look to determine if they can be covered under the warranty.

Return Policy:

We want you to LOVE your glasses!!! We take pride in spending all the time with you that you need to ensure the frames and lenses you select best suit your visual needs and that you are making a comprehensive informed decision. Because your glasses are custom made for YOU, we are unable to refund or exchange your purchase. If you are unsure of your selection, please think twice. We are happy to allow you to take the frames with you for a few days to assist with your decision.                     


       September’s frame of the month is J.F. REY!!

J.F. REY is an international eyewear design company based in the south of France. The firm designs creative and innovative optical and solar frames, and the J.F. Rey brand instantly evokes a modern, creative, and boutique design.

Founder, Jean-Francois Rey aspired to create ambitious and provocative artistic choices with the brand. Present in every new collection, this approach is supported by ongoing work on technical innovation, research of new materials, comfort and quality finish, and the expression of color.

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