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The best news I’ve heard in a long time! Dark chocolate actually shows measurable improvement in visual acuity 2 hours after eating.  Read the, Show Your Eyes Some Love Article. Really, the rest of the News Roundup will pale in comparison.

The optic nerves can be damaged in a car accident, even when an air bag deploys (and sometimes because of it). Scientists have discovered an enzyme responsible for causing optic nerve damage after trauma. Blocking this enzyme after a car crash or explosion decreases inflammation, saving the optic nerve. Read this Science Daily article.

An exciting treatment for Type 1 Diabetics has been islet cell transplantation. A drawback to these transplants is the suppression of the immune system that needs to take place for the cells to work. When transplanted into the eye immunosuppression isn’t needed- this may be a gateway to systemic islet cell transplant without long term immunosuppression. Read the transplant articleContact us for questions about a Diabetic eye exam appointment.

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