In general, PRK is safer than LASIK. With any surgical procedure, there may be complications or unwanted side-effects. Though complications with LASIK surgery are rare, many of the serious ones are related to the LASIK flap and this is simply not an issue with PRK. Infection or development of corneal haze can cause reduced clarity and result in a loss of quality vision. Another procedure may be required to improve the clarity or in extreme cases a corneal transplantation may be required. Glare or halos around lights in low light conditions may interfere with your ability to drive at night or see well in dim light. Your surgeon will discuss your particular risk for these side effects during your evaluation. We educate our patients about all possible side effects and avoid all possible complications, but not all problems can be anticipated or prevented. If unexpected side effects or complications do occur, we will manage them effectively and work with you to obtain the best possible outcome.

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