There is no right or wrong answer here – everyone is different. This is largely a matter of personal preference. Either lens can be right for you depending on your visual needs, or even how your brain works!

The standard bifocal (with lines) provides best vision at distance (driving) and at near (reading), with minimal distortion off to the side. This type of lens generally gives patients a broader range of reading vision. There is no intermediate or arm’s length (computer) vision correction with a standard bifocal – a trifocal lenses is necessary to see clearly at intermediate distance.

The progressive (no line) bifocal changes gradually from top to bottom, including a range of powers which provides clear vision at all distances, from far to near. Like the standard bifocal or trifocal, different distances are clear depending on which part of the lens you are looking through. With the progressive lens, however, some patients feel it’s a bit more difficult to align the proper part of the lens with their reading materials. Some find they must “point their nose to where they need to see”; others are not bothered by this at all.

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