Eye Doctors

Our family eye doctors work as a team in providing the best possible care to all of our patients. It is through this collaborative approach that we are able to meet each patient’s individual needs, and bring our diverse talents to play in providing the best possible care to our patients and our community. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor today. Need help choosing an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist? Call us to discuss the best options for your family’s or your individual needs. 

Serving the community
for over 22 years.

Duluth, Minnesota
Dr. Susan J. Relf, MD serving Duluth-Hermantown Area.
Susan J. Relf, MD
Dr. Lisa S. Graham, MD serving Duluth-Hermantown Area.
Lisa S. Graham, MD
Todd Brittain, DO at Relf EyeCare
Todd Brittain, DO
Dr. Janelle S. Strom, OD serving Duluth-Hermantown.
Janelle S. Strom, OD
Dr. Michaelis
Derek Michaelis, OD
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