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I’m really excited about a great new Intraocular Lens (IOL) that just became available in the USA last month.  Implanted during routine cataract surgery, the Symfony lens is the first of a new generation of IOLs which delivers extended depth of focus.  Hugely popular in Europe for the past two years, this new technology uses superior optics to provide quality vision for distant, intermediate, and even some near tasks.  I just implanted my first one two weeks ago and the results are striking.  My patient can see 20/20 for distance, and also read tiny print (that’s J1 for those of you in the business), all without glasses!

We are all thrilled with the results so far;  they are better than expected!  These lenses are not for everybody, however.  It will be important for us, eye doctors and patients alike, to be somewhat careful in using this new technology as there are some fairly common eye conditions that would make their use unwise.  As always, education and communication will be key as we move forward with this exciting new technology.

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