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Robin and I had a wonderful time visiting the kindergartners, first graders, and second graders from North Star Academy last week! The students had so many great questions and loved to participate when we had questions for them.

We started out showing many different animated characters, all wearing glasses of course.  They were able to name almost all of them! We discussed reasons why we wear glasses too.  Many knew it was to see better, but also for reasons such as for safety, sun, sports, hunting, and even 3D movies.

They realized most of them had worn glasses at some point, for one reason or another.  They were also very willing and excited to name family members including parents, siblings, and cousins that wear glasses.

After showing examples of what it would be like to need glasses, they were surprised at how blurry it can be for their friends and family.

We also brought in frames for the kids to try on.  This seemed to be the best part.  It was hard to choose just one, and some wanted to take a pair home.  The most popular frames were the rec specs for sports and a tortoiseshell color.

We ended by handing them each a magic eye to work on.  Some were able to see an image, but it was difficult to determine what it was.  They were able to take it home with them and practice.

Overall, it was a fun experience and we were happy to come to their school for the afternoon. Pictures below show our presentation, some of the students trying on glasses, and also the magic eye to try.



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