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On September 25, 2017 Relf EyeCare will be going LIVE on an Electronic Health Record.  Up until this time, we have been using paper charts and dictating our chart note.  We have become very efficient at this record keeping system.  Many patients comment after the doctor’s dictation that we could moonlight as auctioneers.  But, this record keeping system is no longer current.  We are doing our best to keep up with technology.

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. EHRs can:

Contain a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, allergies, radiology images, as well as laboratory and test results

Automate and streamline provider workflow

EHRs were built to share information with other health care providers and organizations – such as laboratories, specialists, medical imaging facilities, pharmacies, emergency facilities, and school and workplace clinics.  We are excited about this aspect of the EHR, but this is not a perfect function with today’s EHR systems.

Our new EHR will allow us to access current medications directly from a patient’s pharmacy (with patient permission first).  Hopefully no more digging through the purse or wallet looking for that pesky med list!

Also, sharing eye exam results with a patient’s other health care providers will be much more convenient.

We have spent a lot of time and energy in picking a system that works well for us, for our patients, and keeps the standard of excellent patient care we have all grown accustomed to at Relf EyeCare intact.

There are many positives to our new EHR system, but no record keeping system is perfect.  We expect many days of learning new things and streamlining our processes to best use the system and best serve our patients.  We ask for your patience at this time, until we grow into experts of electronic health records!

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.

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