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This is a great question for families with children in sports or activities.A young boy with a contact on his finger

What is the minimum age to start wearing contacts?

The short answer is usually 12 years old. There are definitely exceptions! If your child has a very high prescription, needs myopia control, or even participates in activities that would require lenses, we do work with families to ensure they are able to participate like other children.

The child would still need to have a contact lens fitting. This includes an exam, class, and possibly some follow-up appointments. We need to measure your prescription, the curve of the front surface of their eye, and discuss different options of lenses. They need to be able to insert the lenses and remove them on their own (some exceptions are made in this instance such as very small children or dexterity issues).

If you are interested in contact lenses for your child, please call our office to schedule an exam and fitting.

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